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2200 Challenge

October 28th & 29th 2017

The 2200 Challenge is going to be an amazing challenge that will take lots of us to succeed, will hopefully et lots of folks out paddling, raise money for lots of charities and tidy up masses of litter.


So the challenge is -

  • There are approx 2200 miles of canal in the UK.

  • Each person "claims" a mile of canal.

  • They will paddle that mile,

  • Raise sponosrship

  • While paddling the mile they will litter collect.

  • Donate the sponsorship to their chosen charity

Take a photo getting on,

Take a photo getting off,

Take a photo of the rubbish you have collected.


People can paddle more than a mile, but the aim is to get each mile claimed by individual people so by the end of the weekend over 2200 paddlers will have been out, paddling, haveing fun, raising money for charity and tidying up the waterways.


We will get a definitive map of the canals online during January.


You email us and claim your section.  We will then create a database on here showing who is doing which section and on which of the two days.


Then we all advertise the big paddle, organise sponsorships.


Looking forward to getting everyone out there in October having fun.

What to do next?

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