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Archery, Axe Throwing & Air Rifles

Target sports at TNR is a great group activity and accessable to any ability & suitable for ages 8 and up.

We have Air rifles, archery, axe throwing and crossbows to entertain you, with a small amount of coaching friendly competitions, and reactive targets.  

£12.50 per hour per person

£48 per person for a half day



This is an awesome day that is all about learning how to do three sports. Archery, Axe throwing and air rifle shooting. They are great together as the basis is similar.  A solid repeatable stance, controlled breathing, a steady aim. And then each sport has its specifics of aiming.


Our experienced instructors will take you through your paces, set challenges and competitions and make you proficient at these fantastic fun sorts.


This is a great day for everyone in the family, or groups of friends, or hen or stag groups. We can make it super developmental or great fun mix of competition and challenges.


Available Any day of the year with prior Booking.


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