Adventures in North Wales & Beyond

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Breathe in, hold your breath, draw the string back, take aim, hold,  release. Did you get the gold?  This is archery. It's fun, it's a challenge, its great to beat your mates


Archery at our new indoor centre in North Wales with our experienced and friendly instructors is perfect for beginners, groups and those just wanting to have fun.  Partake in this medieval sport in the dry, whilst enjoying the view of Castel Dinas Bran, one of Llangollens links to the past.

From £12.50 per perosn per hour

This is a great day for everyone and is popular among:

  • Families,

  • Couples

  • Groups of friends,

  • Stag & Hen groups

  • Kids birthday parties

  • Corporate activity, is your shooting as on target as your sales?


Our experienced and fun instructors will get you aiming and sgooting well and then as you get better we will introduce challenegs and competitions.  Balloons for sure, though we may hold off on the apples on heads for a while.

Available all year round in any weather, group and youth club discounts available.


Great on its own, better when paired with our other fantastic target sports!  

rifles on table DSC01637 Air Rifles All 3 half day two axes Axe Throwing

Available any Day of the Year or Evening with Prior Booking

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