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Intro to Axe Throwing 

1 Hour Sessions

Axe throwing is as much fun you can have in a field with an axe. This is a fantastic activity that we just love.  It is such an awesome feeling to be able to thow an axe and get it to stick into the target.


We have a range of different axes to try and get the hang of.

£12.50 per person 

axethrowing groups

Perhaps something everyone wants to do, they just don’t know it.


Perceived as something extremely dangerous you will be surprised how our expert instructors manage this session and get you to grips with your inner barbarian hurling a variety of axes into rounds of wood.


This is a great day for everyone in the family, or groups of friends, or hen or stag groups.


Available Any day of the year with Prior Booking.

Why Not make a day of It?

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