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As outdoor instructors, school teachers, IT engineers, pub managers and tech advisors (yep our instructors have done all of those jobs). We understand just how specific and bespoke first aid training should be. So whether it is based out of our centre  near Llangollen, North Wales. Or if we come to your venue. We will ensure that the training is exactly what you want. Delivered in the way that you want it and above it that it make you more confident in your first aid Knowedge.


Our latest bespoke course was for Chester Zoo, before their staff went abroad - we covered all necessary first aid skills, but also what to put in their first aid kits extra to normal, how to extricate casualties in awkward real life sitations. As well as CPR and first aid in the back of a 4x4 on the way to the hosoital in a remote location.


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For us, First aid training is all about teaching you the things you need to be able to help others in what ever environment that you spend your time in.


We have run bespoke training for schools, industry and Zoo's, paddlers, climbers and trainers.  

We love this type of course. Chat to you. Find out what you need and want, and then deliver the best training that you expect and want. More importantly, not snooze in front of a powerpoint training!!


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