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Canoe camping is a truely amazing awesome way to see the world. Pack everything that you want into your canoe, and set off on an adventure. This isa world of opposites and tangents. Flat calm idyls, followed by windy gusts, mirror like water and rapids.


These are the canoe camping trips that you really want to go on, campcraft, bushcraft, bird watching and generally haveing a life changing holidays



What could be better fun than learning to canoe, learning how to cook on a fire, sleeping in a hammock? maybe a tarp slung over the canoe?


OK if that isnt your cup of tea, how about a lovely days paddle, to a nice pub, where we can stay the night, have awesome food and some great drinks and laughs?

We organise canoe trips of various lengths around the country. Our favourite Venues are

  • 4 Days down the river Spey

  • 5 Days around loch sheil

  • 4 Days travelling the caledonian canal

  • 2 - 5 Days down the river severn, starting above Shrewsbury

  • 2-5 Days down the river Wye, starting above Hay-on-wye

  • 2-5 Days around the Norfolk Broads

  • 2 Days down the Llangollen canal  

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Canoe Camping Trips

From 2 days to 2 weeks

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