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Your SPA is a potentially stressful couple of days. Putting yourself up for critique. The stress of not being sure if your personal development quite ticked the box.

Let us help reduce that stress. We have helped lots of people pass their SPA. We will go through all apsects of the syllabus, in SPA assessment venues, to esure you are ready.


These Pre SPA courses all start with lots of questions, look at logbooks, and some benchmarking. Then at the end of the session your instructor will leave you with a detailed personalisedaction plan to help ensure success for you at the SPA.


rigging gear placing

Available any day of the year for 2 or more People

Why Not make a day of It?

  • Have a look at the other popular activies we can offer you.

  • We can even sort you an evening meal out too

So Why us?

We have been teaching Climbing and abseiling for over 20 years. Here in north wales aswell as all over the world. France, Australia, New zealand, Scotland, peak district etc. We love climbing, which we think helps us give you a better, fun climbing session. We also teach other instructors to become climbing instructors, so why not get taught by the folk who teach other people to teach?


Why Llangollen?

Thats easy. What a stunning place, 6 miles of climbing cliffs to choose from, which gives us a huge range of climbs and venues to play with. But also stunning scenary, lots of places to stay and loads of places to eat and drink afterwards too.

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