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Evening Socials - 7pm till 9pm

We love our outdoor pursuits. We love to be outside, adventureing and having fun. Whats more important though is sharing that love and those adventures with other people


So we run evening socials throughout the year. These are simple quick non instructed sessions aimed to let people have fun of an evening with us out on the activities. Almost a membership free club.


£5 per person including all specialist kit and Instruction

Abseiling evening Social


The evening socials are all about the social. Its a non serious fun session about getting out and having fun. We usually offer some of these below, but it really does depend on what we fancy doing.

  • Canoeing, or kayaking

  • Archery & axe throwing

  • Climbing and abseiling

All necessary kit is supplied and some very basic safety instruction.


But this is about the staff AND you having a social fun evening activity.


Why not end the trip with a drink at our bar or start the evening off with an Evening meal in our fantasic restaurant.


We love our hobbies and just want to share them with as many people as possible. The social evening are just about that. Get as many people out for as little cost as possible.




We have a lovely restaurant and Bar at the centre, so why not have your meal with us first and then stop off for a drink and chat and laugh afterwards. Share photos and lets create an eveing social adventures club

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Check our Facebook page for details of each week.

Why Not make a day of It?

  • Have a look at the other popular activies we can offer you.

  • We can even sort you an evening meal out too

  • How about a nice sauna and jacuzzi to finish the day off

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Evening Socials

Why a Social Micro Adventure?

Lets make an evening of it

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