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Full Day of Bushcraft

Full Day session - 9am till 4.30pm

Full day of bushcraft is a fantastic way to get close to nature. Spend the day under canvas and the forest canopy.  Lean how to light fires, cook over fires, build debris shelters and carve spoons.


An awesome day with our stunning bushcraft instructors.

£75 per person including all specialist kit and Instruction

Bushrcaft fire lighting


Our full day bushcraft course are all about Getting back to nature and explore the woods with our massively skilled woodland instructors.


Spend the day kindling fires, and playing with a vast range of woodland based survival/ bush-craft techniques from cooking, finding water, building shelters to carving your own spoon.


Our bush-craft days and built on the primary skills of forest survival, the emphasis is to learn lots and have fun in a relaxing and beautiful environment.


You will learn from our highly experienced coaches that have used these skills for real all over the world.


Pot hangers cooki ng over a fire tarpsetup

Available Any day of the year for 2 or more people.

So Why us?

Our instructors teach bushcraft through all seasons of the year, in a variety of locations over the world, including Sweden, Kenya, New Zealand, France, Scotland etc. We know what makes it easy, fun, and can teach  you the tricks that we haev learnt. Our staff have worked for lots of bushcraft companies including Ray Mears's woodlore.

Why Chirk?

Chirk and the surrounding North Wales area is the perfect venue. Stunning picturesque venues. Lovely woodlands and within easy travelling distance from many parts of the UK. On top of that we have awesome food and accomodation options all on our doorstep.


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  • How about a nice sauna and jacuzzi to finish the day off

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