Adventures in North Wales & Beyond

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Full Day session - 9am till 4.30pm

A full day of climbing where we aim to do as much climbing as possible, progressing you to climb higher and more technical climbs throughout the day. On top of that we will introduce you to basic rigging skills and the use of guidebooks. This iwhat North Wales Climbing is all about.

We love this day, its climbing at its best. You, us, the rock and challenges. It cant get much better than that really can it.

£75 per person

Climbing and abseiling


Our Full Day Rock climbing session is about improving you as a climber. Whether youve never climbed before, or you have tried it and want to get better, we will give you what you want and need. Each climb is graded on its overall difficulty so you will really be able to gauge how much you have improved.

As well as improving your climbing, your instructor will give you masses of hints and tips on techniques, reading guide books, rigging -  sharing their own pool of rock related knowledge.

A beautiful, full on Day in the gorgeous scenary of The Dee Valley, climbing on Clwyd Limestone Crags. Learning, trying, challenging and above all having fun.

This is the day where you become a climber, You will love it.


So Why us?

We have been teaching Climbing and abseiling for over 20 years. Here in north wales aswell as all over the world. France, Australia, New zealand, Scotland, peak district etc. We love climbing, which we think helps us give you a better, fun climbing session. We also teach other instructors to become climbing instructors, so why not get taught by the folk who teach other people to teach?


Why Llangollen and North Wales Climbing?

Thats easy. What a stunning place, 6 miles of climbing cliffs to choose from, which gives us a huge range of climbs and venues to play with. But also stunning scenary, lots of places to stay and loads of places to eat and drink afterwards too.

Lead climbing bigabseil

Available Any day of the year for 2 or more people.


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Day of Climbing and Abseiling