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Gorge Walking

Gorge Walking, sometimes known as canyonning or Ghyll Scrambling is possbly the most fun you can have in a stream with a wetsuit on. We use a variety of local gorges to ensure that you get maximum enteratinment. But also the beauty factor of being in these gorgeous ( see what we did there)places shouldnt be forgetten. All our gorge walking instructors are full trained and experienced, not only in gorge walking, but White water safety and rescue and other instructing qualifications. Come and have a stunning time with us in the gorge.

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Half Day
Full Day

Jumping, Sliding, Squeezing, Exciting fun fun for everyone

£39 per person


any day of the year

£75 per person


any day of the year

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Available Any day of the year for 2 or more people.


The gorges of north wales are amazing places. deep dark canyons with flowing water, slippery rocks, great jumps, small squeezes and fantastic range of flora and fauna.


Our highly experinced instructors will set the pace right to give you a challenge and fun while keeping you safe. North wales gorge walking is an experience that everyone should try at least twice in their life.


One of our most enjoyed sessions. 100% feedback saying it is fantastic ad the staff are amazing. Thankyou folks.

The gorges we use work in whatever weather that is happening, and will offer you challenges that we can set at your level.

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So Why us?

We have taught gorge walking for years.  As instructors for other centres, as instructor trainers for lots of guides, or running our own sessions. If you want knowledgeble, fun safe instructors we are the ones for you.


Why Chirk and North Wales?

Chirk is the perfect base for you adventure. Stunning picturesque venues. Lovely gorges and within easy travelling distance from many parts of the UK. On top of that we have awesome food and accomodation options all on our doorstep.

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