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Our Partners, Friends  and Suppliers

Hire a canoe  

Awesome folks who run canoe hire on the river wye based at whitney toll bridge. So whether you want a half day paddle or a three day hire, Canoes, kayaks or Sup boards, give Kieran a shout. He's our friend and we are his Technical advisors. So we can vouch highly for him

hireacanoe Peak-UK-Logo

Peak uk

We totally love Peak kit.  Pretty much 100% of Team TnR wear peak gear. Why? cause it is well made, fantastically well designed and we just wouldn't think of buying anything else. Currently we have BA's, Drysuits, Cags, multisport Cags and Trousers.


Pyranha Kayaks

So what kayaks do we paddle? Well our first choice is Pyranha, second choice is Pyranha, oh, go on then, work out our third choice.  On our trailer is a lovely selection that includes: Burns, Kanarlis, Fusions, G3s, Master TG Lites and 9Rs.

Why do we use them? Well we love the range of fantastic designs that they have and that they are driven by an enthusiasm to make better boats for everyone!


Venture Kayaks and Canoes

So we do a lot of Canoeing and Touring Trips to France, Scotland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Jersey etc which are all about touring, recreational paddling and sea kayaking. Our boats of choice? Venture canoe and kayaks. Cutting edge designs built in great materials by skilled craftsmen.


Natures Puzzle

This is our partner in Norfolk. Emma is running lots of great courses through the south east of the UK.  From bushcraft to Touring, First aid to Coach courses. We run lots of courses together and love being down there.


Elegance Spa

Had a lovely time with us? Want to beautify yourself up again? Massage off those aches and pains? Treat yourself to a manicure, hair styling or just laze around in the 4 jacuzzis, steam room or sauna? This is the place to go. We love being there. Perfect to unwind and relax.


Spring Coaching and Consulting

The team at Spring are fantastic, they have been helping to develop teams, groups and improve productivity. They use a mixture of techinques including tacking people out of their space to create time to think. We love partneing with them on some of their processes.